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Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder

Product Description:

In modern industry and commerce, maintaining clean and hygienic water sources is of paramount importance. We are leading a new era as a professional sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder manufacturer and supplier, providing excellent solutions for your water treatment needs.

Product Description

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate(NaDCC) powder.Appreance:white crystal or powder.It is commonly used as a disinfectant,sanitizer and water treatment chmical.It is an organic compound that contains both chlorine and cyanuric acid and is available as a white powder.

CAS No.:2893-78-9

Chemical formula: C3Cl2N3NaO3

Molecular weight:219.94

UN NO.: 2465

Harzard class No.: 5.1

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate(NaDCC) powder is commonly used to disinfect water in swimming pools,spas and other water treatment facilities as well as to sanitize surfaces in healthcare settings food processing plants and other environments where high levels of cleanliness are required.It is effective against a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria viruses and fungi.

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate(NaDCC) powder is usually dissolved in water before use and the resulting solution is applied to the surface or water to be treated.It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use as improper use or handling can lead to health risks or reduced effectiveness.

Why choose our Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder?

Efficient sterilization and disinfection capabilities:

Our Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder is an excellent disinfectant that quickly and effectively eliminates microorganisms in water, ensuring clean and hygienic water quality.

Stability and Persistence:

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder releases chlorine gas in water, which has a long-lasting bactericidal effect. It maintains the long-term hygienic state of the water system, reducing maintenance and disposal costs.

Environmental protection and sustainability:

Our products release relatively little chlorine gas during use, helping to reduce environmental impact. In addition, the packaging and material selection of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder also considers environmental factors.

Professional Support and Customized Solutions: Our team has extensive experience and expertise to provide you with customized solutions and advice for your specific water treatment needs, ensuring you get the best treatment results.

Application fields:

Our Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder is suitable for many fields, including but not limited to:

Industrial cooling tower

Commercial and Industrial Water Systems

HVAC system

Agricultural irrigation water source

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Powder Use Guide

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder is a highly effective disinfectant and bactericide widely used in industrial and commercial water treatment systems. The following are general how-to guidelines for using this product:

Note: Before using Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder, be sure to read and follow the directions for use and safety precautions on the product label.

Step 1: Preparations

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and respirator (if applicable).

Operate in a well-ventilated area for safety.

Step 2: Measure

Measure out the appropriate dosage of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder according to the recommendations on the product label for your water treatment needs.

Use an accurate measuring cup or weighing utensil to measure to ensure the correct dosage is used.

Step 3: Dissolving

Add the measured Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder to enough water. Use clean water, preferably lukewarm, for better dissolution.

Stir or stir to dissolve, making sure the product is well mixed into the water.

Step 4: Add

Add the dissolved solution slowly and evenly to the water system to be treated. Addition can be done using suitable equipment to ensure even distribution.

Add appropriate amount of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate solution according to system requirements and product recommendations.

Step 5: Stir and Circulate

After adding the Sodium dichloroisocyanurate solution, start the agitation or circulation function of the system to ensure that the solution is evenly dispersed and mixed with water.

Step 6: Monitoring

Monitor chemical concentration and water quality in water treatment systems to ensure they are within proper ranges. Regular monitoring and testing are carried out to ensure the water treatment effect and the stability of the system.

Step 7: Maintenance and Adjustments

Depending on water treatment effectiveness and system needs, periodic maintenance and dosage adjustments of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate may be required. Make appropriate adjustments based on test results.

Step 8: Dispose of Waste

Follow local environmental regulations and guidelines when disposing of unused chemicals and waste.


Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder is a powerful disinfectant and antiseptic used to keep industrial and commercial water systems clean and hygienic. When using, please make sure to strictly follow the instructions and safety precautions on the product label to ensure safe and effective operation. If in doubt, consult a professional.

Specific Case

The following is a specific case of using Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder, which is suitable for water treatment of industrial cooling towers.

Case: Industrial Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Step 1: Preparations

Wear chemical resistant gloves, goggles and respirator.

Handle in a well-ventilated area.

Step 2: Measure

Measure the required dosage of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder based on the water capacity and water quality requirements of the cooling tower.

Assuming a cooling tower with a capacity of 1000 liters, measure out the appropriate dosage (e.g. 50 grams) based on product recommendations.

Step 3: Dissolving

Add the measured amount of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder to a bucket of clean, warm water.

Stir to dissolve using a blender, making sure the Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder is completely dissolved in the water.

Step 4: Add

Open the water inlet valve of the cooling tower to ensure the water flow.

Slowly and evenly add the dissolved Sodium dichloroisocyanurate solution into the water inlet pipe so that the solution can be evenly dispersed in the cooling tower water.

Step 5: Stir and Circulate

Turn on the agitator and water circulation system of the cooling tower to ensure that the solution is fully mixed with the cooling water.

Step 6: Monitoring

Using a water quality testing kit, monitor the concentration of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate in the cooling water to ensure it is within the proper range.

Step 7: Maintenance and Adjustments

Depending on the water test results, appropriate adjustments to the dosage of Sodium dichloroisocyanurate may be necessary.

Regularly check the water quality of the cooling tower and the performance of the system to ensure the cooling effect and cleanliness.

Step 8: Waste Disposal

Follow local environmental regulations and guidelines when disposing of unused solutions and waste.

This example shows how to use Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder to treat water from an industrial cooling tower. Note that different systems and water treatment needs may vary, so be sure to read the directions on the product label before use and adjust accordingly.


No matter in which field you need efficient water treatment solutions, our Sodium dichloroisocyanurate powder can provide you with excellent solutions. We are committed to providing clean, hygienic and sustainable protection of your water source so that your business can thrive in a clean environment.

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