Factory Outlet Plastic Processing Aids Mbs for Polyvinyl Chloride Diaphragm Material

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Product Description

Functional polymer additive (transparent MBS) resin
  1. Technical  description
ATE-M169/ATE-M269 transparent MBS resin is a new type of PVC impact modifier developed by our company. It is a terpolymer of methyl methacrylate, butadiene and styrene by emulsion polymerization, with a typical "core-shell" structure. It is a universal transparent MBS anti-impact modifier with balanced processing performance, impact performance, transparency and other aspects.
  1. Performance  indicators
Project name ATE-M169 ATE-M269

Resin powder index
Appearance White powder White powder
Apparent density,g/cm3 ≥0.30 ≥0.30
Volatility,% ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Particle size (20 mesh screening rate),% ≥98.0 ≥98.0

Index of blends with PVC
Overhang beam impact strength,kJ/m2 ≥8.0 ≥7.0
Light transmittance,% ≥88.5 ≥88.5
Fog level,% ≤3.5 ≤3.5
* Light transmittance and haze are tested using double-roll open mill.
  1. Performance  characteristics
1. Excellent processing performance, product quality is more stable.
2. High transmittance, low fog.
3. Good impact performance.
4. Flocculation process, stable quality, not easy to precipitate, effectively extend the driving cycle.
  1. Application
 The product can be used in the fields of PVC transparent containers, pharmaceutical packaging, transparent sheets and films to improve the impact strength of products, especially for all kinds of MBS transparent products, the number of added products and impact strength depends on the demand, generally add 3-6 copies.
Used primarily as an alternative to: B-621, BTA-717, MB-872, M-41, M-31.
  1. Packaging, transportation and storage
   This product is packed in a kraft paper bag lined with a plastic bag. The bag is attached with the product certificate, and the outer package indicates: trademark, manufacturer name, production standard, net weight of the product. The net weight of each bag is 20kg or according to customer requirements.
The product should be clean during transportation and loading and unloading, to prevent sun exposure, rain, high temperature, static electricity, fire, and moisture, to avoid damage to the package.
Products should be stored in a cool, ventilated, no direct sunlight, temperature below 40ºC environment, storage point should be away from fire, sparks, static electricity and strong oxidants, storage should avoid moisture materials, after opening the package, need to be sealed in time or use as soon as possible.
The shelf life of the product is one year. After one year, it can still be used after the performance test is qualified.

Factory Outlet Plastic Processing Aids Mbs for Polyvinyl Chloride Diaphragm Material
company profile
  1. ATE(Adamant Technological Environmental) is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development and production of plastic and rubber additives. We have 18 years of history in the field of plastics and rubber, with strong innovation and research capabilities and rich service experience. Our products are widely used in SPC floor, PVC pipe, PVC profile, PVC diaphragm, PVC cable and rubber products and other fields. The company headquarters is located in the national Science and technology innovation Park - Changzhou Science and Education City
  2. As embodied in the company name, we ATE (Adamant Technological Environmental) are adhering to the "injected extraordinary energy to the global rubber industry" mission, determined to walk the road of science and technology, environmental protection.
  3. Our company has three industrial production bases in Nantong, Yancheng and Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and has established close industry university research cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, East China University of Science and Technology, Hefei University of Technology and University of Science and Technology of China, and has built graduate work stations. The company has successively participated in the "973" national Key Basic Research and Development Program and the "863" high-tech research and development program, and has 3 provincial scientific and technological achievements transformation projects, 12 high-tech products, 126 invention patents, and more than 30 utility model patents. The company has developed organic zinc, silane coupling agent, calcium zinc heat stable materials, solid plasticizer materials, molding materials, toughening materials and many other high-tech products, which have been well received by customers and recognized by the industry.
  4. Our corporate culture is "virtue, learning, execution, innovation". We are committed to helping our customers maintain continuous business growth with the highest priority to provide excellent customer satisfaction. You are welcome to cooperate with us.