Sodium Chlorite

Sodium Chlorite 80% Powder CAS 7758-19-2

Product Description:

Solid Sodium Chlorite 80%, 82%, Powder CAS 7758-19-2 

Product Name: Solid Sodium Chlorite Powder 

Characteristics: white crystalline powder Assay: 80% Min, 82% Min,Formula: NaClO2

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Package:  50Kgs/Iron Drum; Inner package: Plastic Bag

Description of Sodium Chlorite Powder

Solid Sodium Chlorite Powder is normally stable in room temperature and ordinary storage conditions. Sodium Chlorite Powder should be stored away from acids. If meet acid, Sodium Chlorite Powder will easily react with acid and release chlorine dioxide gas. For our own safety,  Solid sodium Chlorite should not be loaded with strong forces or collide intensely with other object.  When transported and stored, Solid sodium chlorite should avoid contact with reducible material and acid. It is  dangerous cargo, and will cause explosion or fire if not strictly preserved as instructions.

Sodium Chlorite powder Usage and applications:

Sodium Chlorite Powder is mainly used to manufacture chlorine dioxide. It may helps to make drinking water and for the treatment of polluted water. Sodium Chlorite powder is also widely used in metal surface process industry.

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Solid Sodium Chlorite Powder Storage and transportation:

This product should be stored in cool and dry place. Moreover, it should not be stored or transported together with acid and reducible material. Avoid heat and fire. If catch fire, please use sands or fire extinguisher to kill the fire.

Solid Sodium Chlorite Powder Hazards:

Solid Sodium Chlorite Powder will stimulate respiratory tract, eyes and skin; If the spilled into eye or skin, wash with large amount of water immediately. If eaten, drink salt water or soapy water immediately to help vomiting. Go to the