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Zinc Oxide

Product Description:

Zinc Oxide Cas No.: 1314-13-2

HS CODE: 2817001000     

Zinc oxide (ZnO), commonly known as zinc white, is an oxide of zinc. Insoluble in water, soluble in acids and strong bases. Zinc oxide is a common chemical additive, widely used in plastics, silicate products, synthetic rubber, lubricating oil, paint coatings, ointment, adhesives, food, batteries, flame retardant and other products in the production. Zinc oxide has large band gap and exciton binding energy, high transparency, excellent luminescence performance at room temperature, and has been used in liquid crystal display, thin film transistor, light emitting diode and other products in the field of semiconductor. In addition, microgranular zinc oxide as a kind of nanomaterial also began to play a role in related fields 


Package: 25kg/bag plastic & wove or jumbo bag according to your need

Shipping:within 10-15days after received the payment