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 The globally renowned brands for Methacrylate Butadiene Styrene(MBS )impact modifiers may include several, and here are some brands that have a reputation in this field:
1. Arkema (formerly known as Atofina):Arkema is a French chemical company that provides various high-performance polymers and additives, including MBS impact modifiers.
2. LG Chem:LG Chem is a chemical company based in South Korea and is also a leading global producer of modified plastics. They offer various modifiers, including MBS for improving polymer impact resistance.
3. Kaneka Corporation:Kaneka Corporation from Japan is another company that provides a range of chemical products, including MBS impact modifiers.
4. Dow Inc.:** Dow is an American chemical company offering a variety of plastics and chemical products. They may also provide MBS impact modifiers.
5.Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation:** Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation from Japan is one of the leading global chemical companies and may also offer MBS impact modifiers.
6.China has some independent brands, which to some extent replace foreign brands. Very cost-effective
Please note that these are just some potential brands, and there are other manufacturers in the market providing similar products. When selecting a specific brand and product, it is advisable to consult relevant technical documents, product specifications, and contact the manufacturers to ensure they meet your specific requirements.